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  • Kissing Sugar Goodbye

    Date: 2015.01.13 | Category: Sweet Talk | Response: 0

     woman with sugar crystals on her mouth

    On January first I started a 21-day no-junk food diet. I’d been threatening to starve my sweet tooth for weeks—having spent the holiday season high on sugar—so, when a Facebook friend threw out the challenge, I answered. But I knew that if I was going to do it well, I’d need help.

    So I reached out to my friend, healthy eating expert and activist, Judy Lendsey. She’s seen some major transformations in her own life and in the lives of her clients through her nutrition and wellness work. Her passion stems from her own journey with cancer—and kissing sugar goodbye. Granted, Judy’s experience is her own, and while she’s not suggesting that laying off sweets is the cure for all that ails us, she offers lots of good food for thought.

    We talked on topics ranging from sugar to smoothies, greens to the government, relationships, advertising, addiction, personal responsibility and more. By the time we were through, kicking the sugar habit was the least of my concerns.

    What follows is the short version of our conversation. To hear the extended version, click on the podcast player above.

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