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  • Your Surround Sound

    Date: 2015.07.07 | Category: Sweet Talk | Response: 0

    close up of a big stereo speaker

    I love the effect of surround sound when I’m watching a good movie. The noise and music bouncing off of the walls, pulsing through my body and in my ears, there’s magic in the way it expands the experience of sitting still in an otherwise quiet theater. To my rational mind, I know I’m suspending my disbelief in order to enter the story; it’s all made up, and I get that it’s playing against a giant white screen and can’t hurt me, or spontaneously make me do or be anything in that moment. Still, all the drama and noise adds a dimension of reality that stays with me long after I’ve left the movie. It makes for a great parallel in our own lives too. We’re constantly bombarded by drama and noise intended to manipulate the way we feel, which brings me to today’s question:

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