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    Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I’m Kriste, the creator of Honey Help YourSelf and The Honeycast.

    This site began as a distillation of thoughts and ideas gathered up in the years I spent studying, writing, and eventually teaching about intuition, creativity and Energy—that unseen force that connects us, shapes us, is us, and walks through the door long before our bodies do.

    I’ve always been passionate about the world of Spirit and the paths we take that lead us there. One thing I’ve learned along my own journey is that we’re a lot more alike than not in our desire to draw close to our inner voice, and that having support in reaching our goals and realizing dreams only makes us better.

    My aim is to help you recognize—and live by—the best that’s in you. I like to call this quality your inner awesome, and I use my experience and training to help you do just that: tap into your own creativity and loving nature, keep you reaching beyond your comfort zone to bring your ‘A’ game to the rest of us.

    My other goal is to demystify the process of emotional growth, healing, and honing the intuition. These are all very real aspects of who we are, and once we embrace them, the only limits to our potential are the ones we create.


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