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    Date: 2016.10.25 | Category: Sweet Talk | Tags:


    When I got invited to speak at the The Bitch Slap of Truth inaugural event, I was told it would be a chance to share my passion and expertise with a roomful of women and men who, like me, were interested in personal growth, getting real, and celebrating our perfect imperfection on the main stage. Right away I felt twinges of fear kick up in me…and I said, ‘Count me in.’

    ‘I’m no expert, I have no idea what I’d say, and just the thought of it puts me at my edge,’ I told Ellen. ‘That’s why I need to do it.’ (She and I met last year when we were invited speakers on a women’s empowerment panel. We hit it off immediately.) The weeks went by and I kept quiet about announcing it to my friends because I still wasn’t sure what it was and what I was going to be doing there. But the deeper we went into the process of shaping it, the more I realized we were all creating something wild and new and terrifically terrifying for each of us. Still, I wasn’t sure how to talk about it. I mean, the title alone was jarring, not because it was provocative with ‘bitch’ in it, but because it tapped a serious nerve in me.

    On Thursday night, November 3rd, I’m going to share my story of BELONGING. Now, I don’t outright coach people on the subject, and I don’t have any products or programs to sell you on it at the moment, but, truth be told, it’s the biggest work of my life. Everything I do is tied to it, emanates from it. For me, the quest for belonging has wrapped up in it the issues of self-acceptance, connection, living a purpose-filled life and more. It’s a journey and hunger, even, that never ends. It takes courage to consciously walk that road. Especially if you weren’t given a good map to get you there. Not realizing you’ve already got the map is the same thing. Better still, not realizing you are the map, grasshopper, is the cluster we all get to navigate.

    BELONGING is tricky because we so often turn the process inside out and seek it from others when it’s really an inside job. The adventure lies in using whatever tools you’ve got–including the ones you fashion for yourself–and hacking the shit out of old stories, fears, and failures that keep you distanced from your self, your life, and other people. I’ve got a lot of experience in that department and it’s what I’m so excited to share with everybody in the house.

    Speaking of adventures, having spent the last two weeks in Africa, everywhere I went I had the chance to reflect deeply on this theme of BELONGING–and questions of where do I fit, who are my ‘tribe’–and I feel even more strongly about it now.

    The Bitch Slap of Truth is a brand new experience we’re thrilled to put together–together. These women are amazing and I’m so honored to join them. Ellen, Renee, Shelley, Ashley, thank you all for creating the space! And thank you Elaina, Amelia, Shannon, and Erin for the special sauce that holds it all together!

    The Bitch Slap of Truth: where TED Talks meet Saturday night and You. Except it’s Thursday night. Consider this your invitation. Join us! #bsot